an integrated accounting system with advanced tools and features that has an easy-to-use interface that supports the Arabic language manages your organization with a large number of reports that help to make decisions and includes reports of the general budget, assets and profits

Awesome Features​

The most important additional features provided by the (ISIS ERP) system


Now it's easy to make a Backup of your data at any time anywhere.

Track Listing personnel

The system provides follow-up of delegates through GPS.


The system enables you to send report by Email .

Definition Of Branches

The system supports linking branches and devices, regardless of their location.

Add Users

The system supports multiple users with limited permissions for each user .


The system enables you to add your shortcuts to your own list.

Program uses

It is an integrated system that manages all the Departments of companies with the connection between them on one system


Basic information

This section defines the company's data, branches, stores, bank accounts, customers, suppliers, representatives, shipping companies, and other data.


The system covers all inventory movements and all things that have been stored. It also provides evaluation of products in multiple ways and numerous reports.

Sales And Purchasing

The complete billing cycle, beginning with receiving an invoice and ending with submitting bids and sales orders, is available for you to manage in your business.

financial module

It assists in monitoring the enterprise's financial situation by entering all constraints in a simplified manner and producing numerous comprehensive and aggregate reports.

Human Resource

A tight system that helps you manage personnel affairs in an integrated way where you can flexibly complete monthly salaries, tax and insurance calculations


A special system for the management of factories and workshops is used to manage manufacturing processes


A special system which is carried out through the registration of projects, contractors and business items and provides complete management

Documentary Credit

A special section for import and export companies to register documentary credits, through which you can specify the start and end date of accreditation.


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