Ezze Click

A general accounting program created specifically for small and medium-sized businesses that complies with accounting standards enables the business to be managed flexibly and easily with a large number of reports that provide genuine solutions with high efficiency, helping decision-makers to maximize profits.

Awesome Features

The most important additional features provided by this software

Applications to follow-up

Program provides a special application for managers follow-up customer accounts and to view the company's performance.

Branches and stores on a single system

Branches can be added and an infinite number of stores can be added and transferred between them, and branches and stores are also linked .

Financial Reports and Documents

Provides a set of financial reports and final accounts that give a clear picture of the financial situation of the company.

Financial periods

Through the General Accounts program can approve financial periods, issue entries and reports for that period.

All in one system for your company

Connection between the company's departments (sales, purchases, customers, suppliers, warehouses, Human Resources, Public Accounts).

Accounting manual for multiple levels

The account tree in the Ezee CLICK Accounts application can be altered and additional main and sub-accounts added.

Various cost centers

Ezee Click Accounts and Stores application allows you to create an infinite number of cost centers and link them to accounts in the account tree.

Momentary Accounting Entries

Accounting entries for daily operations are created automatically as soon as the operation is completed

Program uses

EZEE CLICk is designed to serve small and medium-sized businesses, large businesses, distribution and supply companies.

Basic information It defines the company, adds data, and defines all departments.
Warehouses This part allows you to print the barcode of the items, provide store permissions, transfer between shops, identify the manufacture card of the gathered items, do inventory reconciliation, and enquire about the item balances.
Sales There is a specific part where users can record sales orders, sales return invoices, and sales invoices.
Purchase The user can register purchase orders, buy return invoices, and purchase invoices in a separate section designated for managing purchases.
General accounts The accounts and stores program gives a ready-made Accounting Manual that can be customized by: defining the primary accounts of the accounting manual, and it is also possible to register cost centers, issue and review daily entries, issue receipts and disbursement bonds, depreciation of assets, build custom financial statements, evaluate the stocks of the previous period, post records, and close accounting periods through this part.
Human resources The fingerprint device is also connected to employee registration, personnel affairs administration, attendance and departure registration, and access to employee reports.
POS system Our system includes a rapid POS system to help with the sales process, as well as the ability to open a shift for sellers, register several safes, and transfer cash to the main safe at the end of the shift.
Reports Ezee click Accounts and stores program offers you a set of detailed reports about the company that will help you make a decision



Explanation of the bank identification screen in Ezeeclick
Explanation of the currency identification screen in Easy Click
Explanation of the branch definition screen in easyclick